How to Develop Good Sleeping Habits in Children

Health plays a significant role in a smooth and prosperous life. Quite unfortunately however, most of us do not take enough care of ourselves, which results in a number of problems in the later stages of life. The modern world is so hectic and busy that people barely get time for themselves. Apart from eating habits and lack of physical activity, taking proper sleep is essential for good health.

Most of us however, do not give importance to sleeping at the right time because we have so many things to do. Sleeping habits are formed in childhood and carried forward in life. Because of so many reasons, our personal life gets affected and we are not able to give proper time to our children. This lazy approach towards our families allow the children to adopt poor sleeping habits, which has an adverse effect on their health and also hampers their performance in studies as well as the other activities they take part in.

By a little care and small steps, we can help our children develop good sleeping habits. A toddler needs about 12 to 14 hours of sleep in a day in order to grow properly.


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    In order to develop proper sleeping habits among the children, it is imperative to make a routine. Even on weekends, children must hit the bed at the right time. At a certain time after dinner, you must ask your children to brush their teeth and get in bed. It will be good if you assist your children to sleep by telling them a story. The whole process must be religiously followed every day. However, you should also allow the children to sleep on their own at times.

    Some people allow their children to fall asleep while watching television but this is not a good practice and must be avoided.

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    Have separate rooms

    You must encourage the kids to sleep in their room. Most of the children do wish to sleep alongside their parents to feel secure. However, this is not a good habit and it is good for their self-esteem that they sleep in their own room.

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    Do not compromise on rules

    Having set the rules, it is important to enforce them consistently. Children will try to break the rules every now and then and some parents do get persuaded. Do not be lenient in your approach as your carelessness can lead to destroying the sleeping habits of your children.

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