Which People Can Never Find Purpose In Life?

Self satisfaction only comes when you are doing something which makes you happy, whether it is related to work to personal life. Most people have the illusion that they have achieved all they could in their life and are intent to just lay low. While some of them may actually be true, but in most cases, people just make themselves believe that what they are doing is their purpose in life and things couldn’t be any different even if they wanted to. These people have been addressed in this article.


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    People Who Let Others Write Their Life’s Script

    Social guidance and counselling become an essential part of our life from the time we develop the ability to fathom and understand life. It starts with your parents, who help you start your life on the right track and carries on to various educational institutions like schools, colleges and universities, where your teachers broaden your knowledge base and horizon. Guidance is indeed a good thing, don’t get me wrong, but people tend to rely others way too much and get dictated by others when it comes to defining their life’s purpose. Such people cannot see the truth which is apparent right in front and develop a comfort zone based on the preferences and wishes of other.

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    Those Who Flow With the Flow

    Our society has a set norm for success – maintain excellence throughout your academic careers, select those jobs which can pay you lucratively, marry before thirty, get a house and have kids and live the American dream. In all the hoopla, people forget to cater to their inner voices, which die down with time. Different people are meant to do different things, but when they bow down to the pressures of the society, their form a hard shell around them and lose their ability to test the limits of satisfaction which can be attained by self realization.

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    People Who Never Have Time to Question Themselves

    You can either fasten your seatbelts to go with the flow, or sit down and challenge yourself about whether you are really satisfied, or is it just the material happiness which drives you.

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    People Who Are Stuck In a Hole

    If you meet people who have been brought up and raised in the same culture in which you have been, on a daily basis, you will never discover anything new and your life will continue to be stale. Expand yourself and try to meet people with different ethnicities, culture, grooming and orientations. Listen to their point of view and just may be you will get inspired by something you had never realized. That realization may give purpose to your life.

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