How to Develop Rapport with People

The challenges of the modern world are such that they cannot be met totally on one’s own. You need people who support you in one way or the other. You must have noticed many people in your surroundings who are loved by one and all because of their ability to build a strong rapport with others in a matter of minutes. Keep in mind that good rapport is not built by accident; in fact, it requires communication skills of the highest order as well as a deliberate effort. You need to emphasize on those aspects of human interaction which enhance our connections with other people. By practicing certain techniques, you can surely improve your ability to develop rapport with people.


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    If you wish to develop rapport with people, there is no bigger weapon than a sincere smile. Do not try to fake a smile as it becomes evident immediately. Practice more and more to keep a smile on your face all the time, especially during social meetings.

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    Eye contact

    You should not be shy about making eye contact with the other person while having a conversation. Instead of your own needs, desires or agenda, you should be looking to focus on the other individual.

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    Show interest

    While having a conversation, you must show interest in what the other person has to say. The posture of your body is extremely important because it is an established fact that body language plays a huge role in helping you develop rapport with others. When the other person is saying something, you may lean forward just a little, which will indicate your interest.

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    Avoid arrogance

    Arrogance must be avoided at all costs if you are looking to enlarge your social circle. No one likes people with attitude. Be humble and down to earth as it will be a key weapon in allowing you to build rapport with others.

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    Look for common ground

    One of the finest ways to build rapport with the other person is to look for common ground. Talk about the interests or hobbies of the person during a conversation and see if any of them matches with yours. In order to build rapport with people, you should be able to talk about their interests.

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    Show respect

    Respect attracts everyone. You must give respect to everyone in your surroundings, irrespective of their social standing.

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