How to Dig Out After a Blizzard

Blizzard causes several fatalities every year. However, with proper precautions before it hits, you can save several lives. Older people might even suffer heart attacks whereas younger ones might bear injuries or frostbite. Remember that during Blizzard, you might feel more of these problems due to severe snow and negative temperature. You are required to take proper measures and look after yourself while you dig your way out of the house after a blizzard.

Things Required:

– Winter clothing
– Hat
– Mittens
– Scarf
– Snow Shovel
– Broom


  • 1

    Proper attire

    You need to wear proper winter attire for this weather. It is advisable for you to wear more layers of clothes. You can even wear water repellent cloths for your outer layer. In addition to this you can wear scarf and mittens to cover your mouth and wear a hat which will cover your ears.

  • 2

    Warm up

    It is advisable to warm up a little before you start digging your way out of the house. You can stretch your muscles and jog before reaching towards your shovel.

  • 3

    Start shovelling before snow fall ends

    You should start using the shovel before snow fall finishes. You can even shovel when few inches of snow has fallen on your house. By this you will reduce health risks by shovelling. You can use the shovel during the snow fall at regular intervals.

  • 4


    While you are using the shovel, it is strongly recommended that you use proper posture. You should use your legs and shoulder to lift the weight of snow. Also you are required to keep your back straight during shovelling. In addition to this keep it closer towards your body and refrain from twisting the body when you discard the snow.

  • 5

    Throw far

    You should throw the snow as far away as possible. Keep your driveway and pathway clear. When the snow fall worsens, you can pile it up on the driveway. By this you will put less strain on your muscles.

  • 6

    Keep hydrated

    You need to keep your body hydrated while shovelling. For this you should drink lots of water when you take breaks during shovelling.

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