How to Do a Barani on the Trampoline

Named after the Italian circus acrobat Alfonso Baroni who first performed the trick back in 1881, a Barani flip is a rather advanced aerial manoeuvre that is regularly featured in a number of sports, namely gymnastics, trampoline, aggressive inline skating and cheerleading. It involves a front flip and a 180-degree turn, also known as a half-twist.

If you wish to learn how to do a Barani, it would be best to learn it on the trampoline, as it would offer both safety as well as convenience. Like any other trick, it can take a fair amount of time to master a Barani on the trampoline. Just remember to be patient and focus on the different technicalities involved in the successful execution of the trick.

Things Required:

– A trampoline
– Experience on a trampoline
– A coach
– Spare time
– Previous knowledge of front somersault


  • 1

    Before you begin the process of adding a Barani to the bag of tricks that you can pull off on the trampoline, you need to make sure that you have learned to perform a front somersault, which is basically a complete revolution of the body while soaring through the air. Considered to be the most basic trick in gymnastics, it can be a bit tricky to learn. If you do not know how to perform it yet, work with your coach to master the basics before moving on to advanced tricks such as a Barani.

  • 2

    After you have mastered the front somersault, start working on your air time. Bouncing right in the middle of the trampoline will allow you to attain a fair amount of height. Bouncing a few times, say five to six, on the trampoline should allow you to achieve a significant amount of air time. Make sure you keep your body in balance while working on the height of your bounce off the trampoline.

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    As the trampoline throws you upwards, keep your arms out-stretched in the same upward direction. However, gradually close them in on your body as you begin to go into a front somersault.

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    Just as you begin to revolve your body, start twisting it towards your weaker side. If you are right-handed, twist your body towards the left and vice versa.

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    Bring your body back into an upright position just as your feet are about to touch the trampoline in order to make a perfect landing.

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