How to Do a Photoshoot Without a Backdrop

Having a proper backdrop with lighting can help you in getting best results out of your photo session but if you do not have enough space for such things then arranging your photo shoot can be a daunting task.

Sometimes, you do not have enough resources to setup these things or you are just doing a photo session at home where you do not have proper backdrop. In such situations, you should consider some alternatives to avoid any unwanted result.

Though, it seems a bit difficult but being creative can really help you in finding some alternatives of a backdrop.


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    Use nature:

    If you do not have the backdrop then use the natural environment to cover these shortcomings. You will find lot of places outdoors where nature is extra generous in showing its real colours. You may plan your photo shoot in your garden were there is lot of greenery, water and an open sky to decorate your frame.

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    Fill your frame with colours:

    You should stage your photo shoot in a place which is filled with a lot of colour combinations. However, make sure that there is not too much otherwise they will make the subject of the photo insignificant. You may use a flowery patch of your garden, a painted wall or even an automobile showroom where lot of cars are assembled.

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    Select a distraction free area:

    You must keep in mind that the right framing or projection is the basic rule of photography. That’s why you should select an area where there are no distracting objects. Do not just put the objects in your frame purposelessly. Try to justify the presence of every object in the frame. Shooting outdoors does not mean that you do not have any control over details.

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    Find some unique object:

    You can do a photo shoot without a backdrop if you have some unique object around your subject. You will notice that this single object has added interest in the photo and eliminated the other distractions. However, you must be super cautious while selecting the object as its uniqueness can also dominate the actual subject of the photo.

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    Find a mute-coloured place:

    You should go for a surrounding where the other colours are less noticeable as compared to the subject. For instance, you can stage your photo shoot on a sandy beach, plain ground, hill view etc.

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