How to Do Abdominal Exercises

Getting a lean, ripped tummy is every man’s dream and nothing can be as bad as a pot belly that makes you look bad, even though you are good looking or have an impressive personality. There are several ways to reduce your stomach fat and most of the exercises work to a great extent if you spend a few minutes on them on a daily basis. But the exercises that help to get your desired results are either done without proper techniques or they are not given the importance they should be given.

Read on to find out how you can work out abdominal exercise without going to gym or spend money on cheap pills that make big promises but do nothing.


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    Ab crunches

    One of the most popular abdominal exercises is the crunch. One reason for the crunch to be the most favored exercise among people is that it is very easy to do and nearly everyone can do it.

    Doing the crunches will only take a simple technique:

    - First, lie down on the floor or a mat with your back downward. Your heels should be placed highly on the step. Positioning your heels like this will prevent you from moving across the ground and will only put pressure on your abdominal muscles.

    - Put your fingertips behind your head, as it will make sure that you do not use other muscles while doing the crunches—just abdominal muscles.

    - Now, lift your head with your fingertips placed behind it and get your neck and shoulders off the ground. Make sure that you do not rise too high. Just tighten your abdominal muscles until you feel pain.

    - Put your head back down on the floor slowly, feeling the tightness in your stomach muscles all the way back down. During the step, you should make sure that your heels are firmly together, resting few inches off the ground. Repeat the steps until tightness of abdominal muscles becomes unbearable.

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    Leg raise

    Hold a chin-up bar with a wide grip. The position of your hands should be that your arms are wider than your shoulders. Join both of your feet firmly together and bend your keens, raising your hips. Your keens should be high enough to curl your lower back and touch your chest height.

    Pause for a few seconds in the air, maintaining the same position. Lower your legs slowly and repeat the step again.

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