How to Do the Scotch Dribbling Move

There are a lot of dribbling moves in the game of football that have been recorded over the course of the years and one of the most famous dribbling moves is the scotch dribbling move. This move is credited to be invented by former France captain Zinedine Zidane. Zidane played for a lot of top clubs and many have benefited from the services of the player who is considered as one of the best to have ever graced the game of football in the modern days.


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    In these days, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are perhaps the biggest names in the world of football but the followers today do not know how much competition there was in the game in the days of past. Almost every nation had its heroes and Zidane is the hero of France. Zidane is a Muslim and was born to Algerian parents in the country of France. The midfielder had the option to play for both countries but the Algerian coach at that time refused to grant the midfielder a place in his own team as he throughout that the player was very weak and was not capable of playing the game at the highest level. Algerian coach also stated that Zidane was too slow to play the game and he latter had to pay for the grave mistake that he made as Zidane went on to become one of the best players that the game has ever seen.

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    The scotch dribbling move is a very complex one and it wasn’t seen in the modern day game unless Zidane brought it. A lot of moves are the ones that have been created by the earlier players and the top players today try those and practice those to make them their own trademark but it was not to be the case in Zidane’s scotch dribbling move. The move is such that it is capable of beating two players in one go as the player who is performing the move.

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    When the tackler approaches the person who has the ball at his feet, the footballer has to make a scotch type turn. This is a turn that will pose the back of the player who has the ball to the front side of the tackler. Once the player rolls the ball to the other side, the person with the football has to make another roll, this time to the side so that the 2nd tackling person is also beaten and the two tacklers are left for dead, and the ball remains with the dribbling player.

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