How to Do Natural Face Lift Exercises

You do not need to spend thousands of dollars on cosmetic surgeries to get a face lift. There are many exercises that can be easily performed at home to give you the desired results. There are natural ways of doing this exercise so that the muscles get in the desired shape and the signs of ageing are reduced by a considerable level.

You can perform these exercises two times a day to get quick results which means spending about 30 minutes in face exercise. This is a proven way to reduce lines, wrinkles and double chin.


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    Exercises for Cheeks and Lips

    There are different exercises for your cheeks and lips which can help you with a natural face lift. The first one would be to close your mouth while joining your teeth together. Then smile as wide as you can for a good 10 seconds so that your cheeks and lips can get a nice stretch. The second exercise includes sucking your cheeks from the inside and holding it for at least 10 seconds. Release after 10 seconds and you will feel that your face muscles relaxed.

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    Exercises for Throat and Neck

    First of all, sit in a relaxed straight position. Turn your head towards the ceiling and make chewing movements while looking upwards. This will give a good exercise to your neck muscles. Make sure you keep your mouth closed while doing this exercise. The second exercise involves turning your head to the right and left side and repeating the chewing movements mentioned above. You need to do the chewing exercise five times while looking on the left and right sides respectively. This natural exercise will help in toning the skin on the neck.

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    Exercises for Forehead an Eyes

    You can easily perform the exercises for eyes and forehead in a matter of 15-20 minutes. Sit straight and relaxed with your eyes open. First, look as far as you can towards the ceiling without moving your head and then look as far as possible downwards. Make sure you only move your eyes to perform this exercise. Repeat the exercise by looking towards your left and right for best results. This type of exercise will help in removing the wrinkles around your eyes.

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