How to Define Your Buttocks

Buttocks play an important role in defining one’s appearance to the opposite sex. If you are aiming to have well shaped, toned or muscular buttocks that could play a vital role in attracting others in sensuous dresses or tight pants, it will take at least couple of months to achieve your ambition by keeping some simple guidelines in your mind.


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    Measuring your Buttocks:

    The foremost step is to measure the size of your buttocks. It will determine that where you will have to start in order to shape up your buttocks.

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    Consulting a Physician or Trainer:

    Before you start taking any steps in order to shape up your buttocks after determining the size, it is recommended that one consults a physician or a trainer, who will guide you about your diet and exercises that will help you shaping up your buttocks.

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    Butt Squats:

    One of the most preferred exercises to shape up buttocks is to do ‘Butt Squats’. It is extremely easy, and one can do it all by him/herself at home. The first thing you need to do while doing Butt Squats is to stand straight in an upright position, making sure that your legs are at least two feet apart from each other. Take a deep breath, and try to pull in your abs as tightly as possible. Lower your knees into a squat, while making sure that your knees are in front of your ankles and your entire body weight is on your heels. Breathe out in the squat position, and then return to your original standing position. Do this exercise on a daily basis, as it will help you a great deal in shaping up your buttocks.

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    Daily Routine Activities:

    Apart from your exercises, it is recommended that you change your daily routine activities schedule. For instance, if you are going out a couple of blocks away to get something, it is better to walk instead of driving to that specific spot. If you are going a couple of floors up, it is better to take the stairs instead of using the elevator.

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    Swimming is one of the best exercises that will not only shape up your buttocks but your entire body. Practice it regularly for at least 30 to 40 minutes.

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    Balanced Diet:

    Make sure that you do not eat junk food. It is recommended that you take a balanced diet.

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