How to Have Better Balance Using Stork Pose

Stork pose is an exercise in yoga done to increase balance. The exercise is the easiest but the most challenging of all the yoga exercises, but you can benefit from it to a great extent in increasing your balance on your legs. If you have difficulties in the beginning to stand up on one leg, use a chair for support and then as your balance improves, gradually do the stork pose with support of a chair. Initially, you can do the exercise for lesser time and as you improve, increase duration.


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    Start with standing straight up, with your both hands in a prayer position in front of your chest. If you feel uncomfortable use one hand to hold a chair or anything else nearby for support and stretch out other hand towards side straight. Your palm should be facing down.

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    Now lift your right knee and take it to the chest level. You might find it difficult to balance yourself in the beginning. You can start with leaving your toe touch the ground first and then in a gradual manner lift the knee up to your chest. You might not be able to do the exercise with perfection initially but as your balance improves your execution of the posture will improve.

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    Take your time with the knee lifted up for about 30 seconds. While balancing yourself you can try to pull your knee towards the chest more so that your balance becomes even more challenge.

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    Repeat the exercise and also increase duration of the knee lifting up as much as you can. This will gradually build up your balance and you will become more confident about doing this exercise comfortably.

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    Once you have amended your balance with first exercise, try to stretch out your toe with your knee lifted up to the chest. This will be the most difficult part of the posture but this will further increase your balance. So try to do it even if you fail and then gradually increase the duration for holding up.

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    Repeat both exercises regularly as you build your confidence and boost strength. Doing it frequently can help meliorate your balance.

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