How to Do the Easy Eights Card Trick

Easy Eights card trick is considered to be one of the basic types of card tricks played. The only way it is different from other card tricks is that it requires assistance from a helper or spectator. What actually happens is that you place eight cards on a table and ask the helper to secretly choose one card out of them. You then have to guess the card that has been picked. Even if there isn’t a helper around, you can play this trick yourself too. But that can only be done if you know a few basic tips that are laid out in this article.


  • 1

    Cards Selection.

    Choose any four cards at random out of two different decks, so that their backs are different fromĀ each other.

  • 2

    Arranging the Cards.

    Supposedly there are four red and four blue cards, arrange them all in such a manner that there is one red over one blue and so on.

  • 3

    Spectator chooses a card.

    Once you have arranged the cards in the order mentioned, turn your back and ask the helper/spectator to pick one card.

  • 4

    Arrange the remaining Seven.

    After the card has been chosen by the spectator, take the remaining seven in your hand and divide them in two halves. Place the divided cards over one another.

  • 5

    The Trick revealed.

    As you turn the cards with their face down, you will notice that the if the card chosen by the spectator is red, then both the cards on top and bottom of the remaining will be blue, and vice-versa if the chosen card was blue.

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