How to Do Yoga Exercises To Better Your Posture

Have you ever wonder how some individuals attract everybody, when they just walk into the room. Everyone loves the way these individuals stand, sit and walk around.

A good body posture helps you get attention even from your opponents. A lot of people get too conscious about their body postures, when walking around in front of others. But one cannot afford to stay conscious all the time.

Therefore, it is important to improve your postures on permanent basis. To make posture better, yoga is probably the best way. Start practising yoga, and you will find a significant difference very soon.

Consequently, you will get happiness, inner peace and mental satisfaction. Your confidence would also go up to a great deal. A simple problem that people usually face is that they don’t realise what they actually lack in the posture department.

As a result, it becomes difficult for them to improve. Yoga automatically strengthens your body, and helps you stay in good posture all the time. There are many useful yoga exercises in this regard.

You don’t need to be an extremist in the beginning. There is no need to force your body, if you feel any pain in yoga.


  • 1

    Standing Forward Fold with Easy Twist

    Soften your right knee, and place your right hand on the surface. From forward fold, the left arm must be fully stretched right towards the sky.

    Also look up at the sky, trying to stretch your body as much as you can. Stay in this posture for some time while taking long breaths.

  • 2

    Bound Extended Side Angle Pose

    It is a slightly tricky pose. From down dog, stretch your legs a bit. Make sure you left leg remains straight while bending the right one. Bend your head towards the right side, ensuring that your right hand holds the left one after passing through your legs.

    Again you must look at the sky. Stay in this posture for at least five long breaths. There is no need to overstretch your body, as it may cause pain.

  • 3

    Kneeling Shoulder Opener

    While kneeling, hold both hands right between your shoulder blades. Make sure the right elbow is straight, pointing towards the sky. Slightly lean back, if your right hand is not reaching the left one. Stay here and take five deep breaths.

  • 4

    Tree Pose

    Stand on one leg, with both hands in prayer position. Bend your left knee, and place your foot on inner side of your thigh.

  • 5


    This is the ultimate yoga exercise to better the posture. You will have to take help from the wall or any other structure to stand initially. With time, you will learn how to balance your weight.

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