How to Practice Kundalini Yoga at Home

Yoga is not just an exercise, rather, it is one of the means of achieving harmony of the soul, body, spirit and mind in the world. Yoga came from the ancient Indian practice, combining physical and spiritual perfection.  People currently engaged in yoga are of different ages and body type. Many people have come into the world of yoga to improve health or lose weight, and only a fraction of people practice it for seeking peace and understanding their inner self,

There is little arguing to the statement that there are more than 100 million fans of the traditional yoga all across the world. That is not surprising, because yoga helps women maintain the internal and external beauty, to cope with stress, solve many health problems, prepare for pregnancy and childbirth, and more.

In order to study this ancient teaching, modern man does not have to go to India. You can engage yourself with this special exercise at home. One popular type of yoga is Kundalini Yoga.

Kundalini yoga is designed to give you an extra set of energy and can help retrieving the energy back which you might have lost during your troubled stages in life. This type of yoga is more suitable for healthy people because some of the steps are not easy to perform and sometimes it becomes even harder to stay in certain positions to achieve the desired effect.


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    Now many countries offer services for the development of this ancient art but you need to select a yoga instructor with experience. Video recording may help you but it involves relying upon equipment and this act is advised to perform in a more silent or peaceful surroundings.

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    Perform cleansing of your body before starting it. Select the appropriate way for you, start with the simple steps.

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    Do not rush immediately to learn complex asanas (steps). After practicing it over a month, study the basic complex asanas, joint exercises, yogic breathing and kriya (cleansing the body through breathing and physical methods).

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