How to Dress For Yoga

Yoga has long been practiced for gaining spiritual, mental and physical strength around the globe. It was originally originated in ancient India several centuries ago, and is one of the six schools of Hindu philosophy.

In today’s world, there are several places, where one can practice Yoga. Many people think that there is a special dress code for practicing Yoga. However, in reality, there is no proper dress code, and one can wear whatever they want to.

Whether you are practicing Yoga at home or in a class with others, one should choose to wear comfortable clothes, which do not become a hindrance in your Yoga poses.

Everyone dress according to their own comfort, but it is better to wear the most comfortable clothes in order to practice Yoga perfectly.


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    Clothing that binds you from stretching should not be worn, as they restrict your free movement. In addition, make sure that the clothes you are choosing are not too tight to hinder your poses, and not too loose to expose your body to others.

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    It is recommended to select clothes that are made up of cotton, as cotton gives proper ventilation to your body. In addition, it is also a good absorbent that will eventually help one from keeping the sweat off your body.

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    Fitting tops and bottoms are preferred to dress up for Yoga. Usually people prefer to choose Sport wears, and it is better to choose snug fitting clothes. They will help you move freely during your Yoga practice, and will also help not to expose your hidden parts of the body to others.

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    Always pick your clothes on what type of Yoga you want to practice. Tracksuit or sweatpants are perfectly fine for practicing Yoga in an air conditioned room, but lighter tops and bottoms are recommended for practicing Bikram Yoga, which is practiced in a heated room.

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    Relaxing and comfortable clothes are recommended to be worn, as Yoga mainly focuses on relaxing not only your body but your mind as well.

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    Yoga is practiced barefooted, so one should not worry about choosing shoes. Flip flops or sandals that can be removed easily are usually worn by people.

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