How to Do the Yoga Warrior II Pose With a Partner

Yoga has very quickly emerged as one of the most preferred exercise modes in the world. It is not all about physical fitness but also allows a person to connect with his/her inner self. There are now many variations of yoga which are being practiced, but the one thing which is a commonality in all is the toughness required to carry these exercises.

There are plenty of styles which one cannot do alone. For example, some yoga poses require deep stretching, which initially requires the aid of a trainer or a friend if you are not doing yoga at a fitness centre. Warrior II is one of the poses that cannot be done alone.

This pose has multiple benefits and doing it with a partner could be quite energizing.


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    First of all, both partners should relax for a while. Since this pose requires a little stretching, it is better to warm your body a bit. Stretching could prove devastating without warming up.

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    To make the pose, partner#1 should bend his/her right knee a little. The knee should not be bent too much, and make sure your body’s weight is going towards the right direction.

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    Partner#2, meanwhile, is required to stand still. He/she is supposed to place his/her right foot next to the left foot of the partner, making sure that the outside of his/her foot is touching the foot of the partner.

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    Here comes the tricky part. Both partners are facing the wall, looking in the opposite direction. They now need to hold hands or wrists of each other. While the right knee of partner#1 is bent, partner#2 is required to bend his/her left knee in the exact same fashion. The weight of his/her body should be going in the left direction.

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    The partners need to look in the opposition direction. Holding hands of each other, they need to stretch their other arm to the direction in which they have bent their knees.

    For example, partner#1 is looking to his/her right while stretching the right arm in the same direction. Partner#2, similarly, is looking to his/her left while stretching his/her left arm in the same direction. Meanwhile, their feet should stay together. For this, one person needs to press into the partner’s foot.

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    Stretch your body in this pose. Both partners will feel amazing stretch in their hips and shoulders. Take five long breaths in this pose.

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