How to Do a Seated Spinal Twist Pose

Yoga is a great way to not only relieve stress on a daily basis, but also a prime way to stay healthy and achieve maximum fitness as well. It keeps the body stretched, lean and flexible, reducing the risk of injury on a day-to-day basis.

The seated spinal twist yoga pose is one of the most common moves of the practice and is also known as ‘Bharadvaja’s twist’. It is referred to by yoga experts as a beginner pose in yoga and is essential in people doing so to gain the strength and flexibility that many of the more advanced moves require.

Doing the seated spinal twist pose is a great way to stretch out the hips, shoulder and back along with improving digestion and can be great for those facing aches and pains in those areas.

Always remember that doing yoga is a art that must be done by only those who are willing enough to take in the greatness that it provides and could potentially change your life like never thought before.

Also, always consult a medical practitioner in order to ensure that any yoga move will not affect you in a negative way, just like you would with any other exercise.


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    Getting into the Yoga Mode

    In order to do any sort of yoga, one must feel calm, relaxed and willing to do the poses that are required in the practice. To do a seated spinal twist, one must sit down, back straight and not bent with legs extended in front.

    Slowly bring in your legs into a crossed position and keep your hips on the ground while moving your right hip more towards the area beneath you.

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    Breathe and Move On

    Keeping a smooth flow of air in and out of your lungs is essential to keeping the body willing and ready to make the moves required, which makes breathing extremely important throughout the process.

    Place your left hand on your right knee while your right hand should be on the floor to your back, moving your shoulders closer and making your head turn to the direction slowly and calmly.

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    Only Do it When You Are Ready

    If you are suffering from any condition such as a headache, diarrhea, blood pressure, menstruating or even insomnia, this position is not recommended for you in any case.

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