How to Practice Karma Yoga

In order to deal with the stresses and frustrations involved in the current mechanical world, almost every one of us has to adopt certain ways of relaxing and refreshing our minds. Yoga and meditation can be extremely helpful in releasing stress and placing you in a good zone to carry out your daily duties.

Karma yoga is an extremely unique and exceptional way of living a prosperous and happy life. It combines the mental aspects of life and yoga, relating the two intricately. It also takes into account the lives of people around you and the collective life in a society. According to karma yoga, good things will happen to you if you act well with others and you will have to face the consequences of your wrong-doings.  Any act that you perform or its outcome is related to karma yoga.


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    Pray regularly & believe in reincarnation

    In order to practice karma yoga efficiently, you should make a strong connection with God. Have complete faith in your destiny and do not run after materialistic desires. If your belief in God is strong enough, you will naturally behave well in society. You will be more inclined to help others and treat them kindly in an effort to please your creator. It is the belief of all major religions that a man will be held accountable for his deeds in the world and hereafter.

    Reincarnation is the central belief of karma yoga. You must remind yourself every now and then that each and every action will come back to you.

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    Be unselfish

    You should lead an unselfish life and think about making others happy. It is almost impossible for a person to be completely unselfish but you should ensure that none of your actions hurt someone else. You should look to donate as much as you can and help people in need.

    Act as an instrument of the universe and do things for a higher power rather than for your own self.

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    One of the most difficult areas to master in karma yoga is non-attachment as it involves performing actions without expecting anything in return. It is quite natural to expect others to be kind to you in response, so you should give yourself some room for mistakes.

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    Love all and hate none

    The concept of your whole life should be to love everyone around you and hate none. Do not give any space to prejudices and hatred to creep into your heart.

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