Yoga Positions for Sun Salutation

If you are a Sun Salutation beginner, you must be very curious to know about the basic positions. This form of yoga is extremely beneficial. It is not only a great workout for the entire body, but also provides enormous mind relaxation. The yoga experts consider this as a great opportunity to be grateful to the sun, without which there is no life possible.

The best time to do Sun Salutation is early in the morning, with an empty stomach. One can also practice at sunset, making sure that moon is visible on the sky. The beginners usually become extremists and overstretch their body, which is not a good idea at all.

One can practice it alone, but it is always better to gather more people. Even a slight error in body postures could prove costly. Therefore, it is always better to do Sun Salutation under the guidance of a trained yoga expert. People start Sun Salutation with great motivation, but lose enthusiasm gradually.

In order to produce positive results, one needs to be regular and committed to his yoga practice. Instead of practicing for an hour occasionally, it is better to practice for only 20 minutes every day.


  • 1

    Yoga Mountain Pose

    It is one of the basic positions. Stand straight on your yoga mat, and bring your hands together in prayer position. Exhale meanwhile.

  • 2

    Raise Arms

    When inhaling, raise your arms overhead. Make sure your palms are together.

  • 3

    Bend Forward

    Bend your back, and try to touch your feet. As a beginner your body is stiff, therefore you may find this position a bit tough. Don’t give up, and force your back until you touch your feet.

  • 4

    Arch Back

    The next position is a bit tricky. Inhale, and step the right leg back. Put both your palms on the ground to arch your back. Stretch your body by lifting the chin.

  • 5

    Push up Position

    Step both legs back, making a plank position. Your legs and spine must be straight, with the entire weight of the body on your hands and feet.

  • 6

    Chest on Ground

    Lie down, with your chest and forehead kissing the surface. Keeping your hips up, retain the breath.

  • 7

    Stretch Forward & Bend Back

    While keeping your arms straight, stretch forward and bend back. Make sure the entire weight is on your hands.

  • 8

    Bend backwards

    After standing straight, try to bend backwards from the waist. This is not an easy position, but you will surely learn it with time. Inhale, and stretch your arms forward.

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