How to Lose Belly Fat through Yoga

Yoga, a type of exercise that was originated in ancient India several centuries ago, is a practice used for gaining mental, physical and spiritual strength.

There are several people around the globe that consider practicing Yoga as a lifestyle. However, in the modern world, practicing Yoga is only done to achieve a physically perfect and fit body.

Through series of yoga poses that stretches and strengthen the body muscles, physical fitness is achieved, and there are a number of postures that specifically target the belly.

Every woman wants to achieve a perfectly shaped body with minimal fats, and one can undoubtedly achieve the desired result through proper practice of Yoga poses. In order to reduce belly fat, there are several yoga poses, which can easily be done at home as well without wasting a single penny.


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    Standing Side Stretch:

    This is one of the best poses to work out the sides of your belly (Oblique), which will also help burning the fats. It is recommended that one should wear lose or comfortable clothes while practicing this pose. Stand up straight with your feet and shoulder width apart, and arms at your side. Raise one of your arm up while rest the other at your hip bone. Now, bend your body sideways as far down as possible in a straight manner, and return to the centre. Repeat the process at the other side as well.

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    Cat Pose:

    Another great stretching exercise, which tightens up your abdominal muscles. Get down on your hands and knees, and face forward with the back completely flat. Arch your back upwards, and then slowly bring it back. Make sure to lift your face towards the ceiling while bring your back downwards.

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    Locust Pose:

    Lie down on the mat on your stomach. Extend your arms and legs as far as possible, and then lift your arms, chest, face and legs concurrently. Hold on to each position for around three seconds. This will help to shape up your abs and will also help burning the fats.

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    Bridge Pose:
    Another perfect exercise for burning belly fat, and shaping up your abs. Lie down on your back at the mat, and bend your knees. Place your arms flat on your side, and lift your hips off the floor, making sure that none of your other body part leaves the floor. Hold your hips off the floor for around five to 10 seconds before bringing it down.

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    Yoga Crunches:

    Lie down on the mat on your back, and lift your legs upwards towards the ceiling. Rest your hands under your head. Using your abdominal muscles, push your legs upwards that will also lift your hips off the floor. Hold it for around two to three seconds before bringing them down.

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