How to Do Superbrain Yoga

As the name suggests, Superbrain Yoga is a simple exercise to improve poor memory. Moreover, it helps in overcoming some main memory-related issues like emotional instability, lack of concentration and clumsiness etc.

Superbrain Yoga, introduced by Master Choa Kok Sui, revolves around the idea of acupuncture in the ears, energizing the brain. You don’t need any instructor to carry out the superbrain yoga as it is super simple that you can do it yourself.  It is better to do superbrain yoga early morning, before sunrise.


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    Stand in a Proper Position

    Wake up with a fresh mind and stand straight, facing the sunrise.  Check out that your feet are pointing right ahead. Now tightly press your tongue into the roof of your mouth and spread your feet about your shoulders’ width.

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    Hold Right Ear Lobe

    Now use your left hand to lightly hold your right ear lobe, using thumb (facing front of the lobe) and index finger (behind the ear lobe). Your right ear lobe has direct relationship with your left brain (left hemisphere). Therefore this simple activity helps in revitalizing and activating the left hemisphere along with the pituitary gland.

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    Hold Left Ear Lobe

    It is left your left hand’s turn; use its thumb and index finger to hold your right ear lobe. Make sure that your thumb is facing the front side of the right ear lobe and the index finger is behind it. Your left ear lobe is directly linked to your right brain (right hemisphere), therefore, it helps in boosting and setting off the right hemisphere and pineal gland.

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    Press Both Ear Lobes

    Now you are in a position with your left hand inside your right hand. Start pressing both earlobes at the same time. While pressing on your ear lobes, keep your back straight and squat down as fully as you can.

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    Repeat Superbrain Yoga

    Repeat this simple exercise approximately 10 to 12 times. While carrying out this Superbrain Yoga, make sure to inhale oxygen through your nose on your way down exhale carbon dioxide through mouth while coming up.

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    Wait for Fruitful Outcomes

    This Superbrain Yoga is suggested by the neurologist all across the globe. Do it every morning in order to get the desired results in the form of improved and sharp memory. After few weeks, you would be able to feel the difference.

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