How to Hem Yoga Pants

Is your yoga pant long and loose due to washing? Want to discard it and buy a new one? You might not know but the yoga pants are usually made up of a stretchable material. That is the reason why, yoga pants become loose with the passage of time. But, that doesn’t mean to spend money on buying a new one every time that has to become stretchy after few wearing and washing. The best thing you can do in the regard is, hem your yoga pant to desired length. It is simple, unique and cost-effective way to reshape your favourite yoga pant. Moreover, you can convert your typical yoga pat into a trendy yoga Capri by Hemming it with hand or swing machine. Now you might be thinking about the swing skills required for it or to visit your tailor. However, you don’t need to go anywhere, neither you need any special stitching or swing skills. It is very simple and effortless activity that one can easily perform with basic sewing capabilities. So, what else you want? Hem your yoga pant and enjoy your yoga session.

Things Required:

– Large needle or a seam ripper
– Measuring tape or a large scale
– Straight pins
– Sharp Pair of scissors
– Threaded Needle
– Fabric Marker


  • 1

    First of all, remove the existing hem stitches of your yoga pant, using a large needle or a seam ripper.  Make sure not to rip the fabric of the pant while taking away the stitching.

  • 2

    Take a measuring tape or a large scale and measure the new hem from the floor. Now, carefully measure the new hem with the help of a straight pin.

  • 3

    Bring a sharp pair of scissors into play and use it to cut the pant’s fabric about ¾ -inch right below the new hem.

  • 4

    Now pick a threaded needle and stitch along the edge of the cut fabric, using a zigzag stitching style in order to prevent fraying and hold up the fabric.

  • 5

    Turn the yoga pant inside out and gently fold up the hem to the pinned marker. Now, use some straight sharp fabric pins to pin up the hem.

  • 6

    Stitch up the hem ¼-inch beneath the finishes edge of the pant, using a short zigzag stretch stitch or a built in stretch stitch. Remove the applied straight pins as they are passed and clip thread ends properly.

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