How to Draw Tinkerbell and Periwinkle Step By Step

Tinkerbell is a fictional character which was created by J. M. Barrie in his famous play, Peter Pan. It is an adorable and cute fairy which flies with her tinkling bells. On the other hand, periwinkle is a flower which a native to southern and central Europe, on which Tinkerbell used to stroll. Periwinkles are considered as the most beautiful flowers and have been the centre of attention of many writers who write about the beauty of nature. Drawing Tinkerbell and periwinkle is quite easy. All you need is a little time along with a pencil, paper and colours.

Things required

– Pencil
– Paper
– Eraser
– Colours


  • 1

    First of all, you have to draw a circle. The size of the circle must be the same as the size of Tinkerbell’s forehead. Then, add a smaller circle on the top right side of the first circle. The second circle must intersect the first circuit from its centre. Now, start drawing the outline of the Tinkerbell’s features. Draw vertical and horizontal lines to represent different features. For instance, you can use the horizontal lines to make the eyes, eyebrows, nose and lips.

  • 2

    Now draw the outline for the ears. You can start drawing the ears from the point where the horizontal line crosses the facial features. Now, make the nose, lips and eyebrows by using proportionate scales. Draw the eyes on slanted acorn-shaped lines. Keep in mind that Tinkerbell has almond eyes. After that, you have to draw the iris in each eye.

  • 3

    Now, make the eyelashes on both the eyes. Remember that Tinkerbell has only three to four eyelashes on each of her eyes. Then, make an outline to draw the sketch of the Tinkerbell’s body. Draw an 8-shaped outline to make the twisting body.

  • 4

    Sketch Tinkerbell’s fairy wings along with the dress by making an outline and then drawing lines. Then, draw her hair. Make the hair bun on top of her head and draw a lace to tie her hair. Draw the shoes and mini dress. Convert the sketch in complete image of Tinkerbell by drawing the actual lines.

  • 5

    To make the periwinkles, draw a five-pointed star and then connect all the adjacent points to form a loop for the flower. Continue making the required loops according to the size of the flower. Then, draw the petals and the central stripe on all of them.

  • 6

    In the end, fill your desired colours in Tinkerbell and Periwinkle.

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