How to Create a Textured Abstract Painting

Art is something that really fascinates everyone. This is because it can be interpreted in just about any way that you want it to be, which is what makes each piece so individual and unique to everyone who gazes upon it.

However, with the advent of abstract art, this has been taken to a whole new level. People now tend to really express themselves on a whole new plane, and the possibilities seem to be rather endless at this point in time.

Sometimes, all it takes is the addition of texture to a piece of art, in order for it to go from being a decent piece of art, to being a world class piece of art.


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    Buy products

    The first step in your pursuit to creating a textured piece of art is to buy all the products that you need. You need to get your canvas and your paint, with acrylic paint being the ideal choice of paint to use.

    You then need to get anything that you feel could give some texture to your painting, this could include pieces of cloth and rope. This is entirely on your preference since there is no specific way to go about this.

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    Use external mediums

    One way to add texture to your paintings is to use external items to give it the depth that you are looking for. This can be done by adding pieces of cloth, rope or other items to your canvas while you paint on it.

    This way, wherever you have placed the external item, your painting will look like it has a lot of texture. This is crucial to your painting, since adding the wrong texture can make the painting look rather bland and terrible to say the least.

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    Use layers

    Now the more common and proven way to really add some texture to your work, is to add more layers of paint to it. This sounds like it is rather simple, but in fact it is quite hard to do. Sometimes, you have to use the paint in a way so that it appears chunky on the canvas, while other times you have to just add layers of paint strokes on top of your work.

    This is a far more common way to go about things, simply because it has a proven success rate.

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