How to Dress For Walking In Cold Weather

Almost every one of us wants to indulge ourselves in some sort of workout regularly to make sure that we are fit and healthy.

Walking is one of the most popular forms of exercises these days, which is the reason why we see the parks full in summers. However, walking in cold weather is always a challenging task as getting out to workout in chilly winds can be extremely de-motivating. However, cold weather is no more an excuse in the modern world, with latest technology being used in winter sporting clothes.

In the previous decades, you had to wear heavy and uncomfortable clothes to counter the weather but this is not the case anymore.

Things Required:

– Thermal hat
– A jacket with a zipper
– Leggings
– Shoes with minimum mesh
– Woolen socks
– Gloves


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    Cover the head & neck

    According to latest studies, a person loses 40% of heat from head, which is the reason why it is imperative to cover the head while going for a walk in cold weather. To keep your neck warm is also very important.

    Wear a thermal hat, which is perfect to keep your head warm. If you feel during the walk that your head is getting overheated, you can always tuck that hat into your pants. Apart from that you can also wear neck gaiter or balaclava.

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    Upper body

    Layering is the most important thing for your upper body in winters. Layers block body heat while allowing the sweat to move through different layers of clothing. The inner layer should preferably be of any synthetic wicking material like Thermax, CoolMax, polypropylene or silk.

    An insulating material like fleece is ideal for the middle layer; whereas, the outer layer should have the capacity to protect you against strong winds and moisture in case of rain, snow or sleet, which is the reason why a jacket with a zipper is ideal. A zipper will allow you to regulate the temperature.

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    Lower body

    You should wear leggings or tights underneath your pants before going for a walk to protect you from extreme weather.

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    It is necessary to keep your feet warm in cold weather. You should prefer shoes with minimum mesh; otherwise, moisture will seep through. You can also look for trail-running shoes, which are waterproof. Avoid using cotton socks in winter and prefer other fabrics like wool, acrylic or CoolMax.

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    It is imperative to use mittens or gloves in winters as we lose approximately 30% of our body heat through our hands.

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