How to Earn Money at Home through Google

Google is one of the most well known names on the internet as almost everybody uses it on a daily basis to perform various searches. However, a number of people do not know that they can also use the search engine to earn money as well. Making money from the privacy of your house is a dream for so many people and it is quite simple these days. However, you need to have some patience along with a little creativity to start earning money at home through Google.

Things required:

– Computer or laptop
– Internet service
– Own Blog


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    Getting started

    Register or sign up at a popular blog site like They have listed a step by step process that can help create a page. Allow your creative writing skills to come up with ideas so that you can write articles on your blog that will interest a large majority of people. The blog can be about places you have visited, things you have accomplished in life and the craziest experiences you have had. There are so many things to decide from. Be honest and inventive in blog writing in order to be successful.

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    Register and make an account at This should be done only when you have some content on your blog, and have something for Google to share if they choose to approve your website. Know that this might take a couple of days. Therefore, be patient and wait for your turn. Do not get overexcited and start mailing them again and again. At the start, you will have only some small traffic at your blog but once you write something extraordinary you will get many people checking it out.

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    Be calm

    Be aware of the fact that it takes some time in order to get exposure on your blog. As a result, you need to wait and stay calm or write more articles to stay busy. For example, if you write some cruise articles but gave them to other sites for reviews and they got decent hits, then you feel you should have wrote these on your adsense page and made money instead. However, do not regret what has happened in the past and begin your blog right now.

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