How to Estimate Home Delivery Costs

Calculating delivery costs is extremely important to save your hard earned cash. If you have bought an item from an online store you will need to make sure the delivery charges are reasonable. Sometimes, the sellers try to overcharge their customers and it is advised to do your research to avoid paying more than what you are supposed to pay. A lot of businesses base their operational plan on effective and efficient home delivery. It is the sellers moral and legal duty to provide you with accurate home delivery cost estimates before processing the orders.


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    The best way of estimating delivery charges is to navigate to websites of companies dealing with home delivery operations. Organisation like FedEx, Parcelforce, the Royal Postal service, US Postal service, DHL, United Parcel Service and TCS are some of the key players in this extremely competitive industry. Consider estimating the delivery costs at each organisation’s website.

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    Find the product and service page on the website and then navigate to domestic deliveries category. Consider providing all the required parcel details including the weight of the parcel, height and the width, your phone number, insurance and pick up and drop off points.

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    You will need to determine which companies offer pick up services and which of them expect the sender to bring the item to the local office. Take into account the mileage factor, wear and tear of the automobile, lost work time and employees’ salaries when estimating your delivery costs.

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    It is recommended to get an insurance policy on the parcel as this will secure your finances if the item is lost accidentally. Overnight delivery costs are considerably higher than the standard delivery prices. However, you should choose the one that best suits your needs.

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    Calculating the actual estimated value for your delivery cost is a challenging task. By following the right procedure and doing your research, you can get this job done without needing help of an expert.

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    Write price quotes from all the shipping companies on a new Microsoft Excel file. Make sure all the prices are placed in one column. Add up these prices using the Add feature on Microsoft Excel. Now divide that number by the number of quotes you had obtained to get the average home delivery charges.

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