How to Make Money Collecting Cans and Bottles

There are many ways in which a person can make a living. On occasion, we are finding the going tough and are willing to do anything that can help us get through, even if it gets us only a few dollars. There are many options that can be useful and help us in tough times.

One of the ways is to sell cans and bottles for making some cash. This is not the most interesting of jobs but it surely is one that pays. There is no real requirement to do this job, just the willingness.


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    Be Prepared

    This is not a fun endeavour and you may feel strange and a touch embarrassed as well. You need to let go of those feelings and know that you need the money and this is a way to get it. Some people may pass inappropriate comments but do not be disheartened and keep on working. They will only be talking nonsense and not putting bread at your table.

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    Grab a Trash Bag

    Grab a large trash bag and a pair of gloves and leave the house. These are the essentials for the job as you need the bag to store the collections and the gloves to keep your hands from being dirty and getting germs from these cans and bottles.

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    Go to Trashy Places

    There are many places in the city that are full of trash lying around. You can go there and start collecting the bottles and the cans. Another good place for this would be to go to areas of the nearest beach which are not properly cleaned. You will find plenty of bottles and cans and you can collect a large amount from there.

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    Go to the Recyclers

    You can sell these at the recycling plants. Each area has its own rates and the price you will get will depend on the local laws and the company that you are selling to. Shopping around for rates before collection may not be a bad idea. Be sure that they take these from individuals as well since some are engaged with large companies for this purpose and may not be catering to individuals.

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