How to Euthanize Your Pet

Euthanasia is a practice or procedure that is performed to intentionally end a life with the intended motivation of relieving the person or animal of pain and suffering. It is typically performed on humans and animals that have grown old, or are suffering from an incurable disease, one that is causing them a lot of pain.

If you have noticed that your pet is in a lot of pain because of its old age or some disease, then you may feel desperate to do whatever you possibly can to pull it out of its misery. There are times when the only way to end your pet’s suffering would be to end its life in the most painless manner possible, i.e. have it euthanized.

To have this procedure performed on your pet, there are certain things that you will need to do.



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    You need to first consult your veterinarian in order to know for certain if euthanizing your pet is the best option. You may not want to part with it, but if it has become too old or is in too much pain, then you may want to listen to what your vet tells you. You have to go with the option that is best for your pet.

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    Ask yourself what you want to do with your pet after it has been euthanized. You basically have to decide whether you will leave it at your veterinarian’s office for cremation, or you will bring it back home with you and bury it yourself. There are also various other options available to you such as group cremation, private cremation, etc. Just make sure you have something figured out before you have your pet euthanized.

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    Once it has been established that euthanasia is the best choice for your pet, fix an appointment with your veterinarian. You will need to take your pet over to his/her office to get the procedure done. You can also arrange for the veterinarian to come over to your house if you have transport issues. Set the appointment without delay, as your pet may be in a lot of pain and the sooner you put it out of it, the better.

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    You need to ask yourself if you want to be there when the procedure is performed on your pet. It may be emotionally overwhelming for you to be there at the time of euthanasia, but you may feel better knowing that you were by your pet’s side until its dying breath. You can try to comfort it while the veterinarian is performing the procedure.

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    Do not overreact to whatever happens at the time of euthanasia. Understand the process and what it involves. The veterinarian will give your pet an injection, which will take effect within 12 seconds. You pet will then go into a deep sleep and stay in that state forever.

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