How To File a Complaint with the Post Office

Post offices play a pivotal role in our daily life and are a major source of communication in most places of the world. They carry our letters, personal, business related and official. The post office also provides many other services including money orders, accepting bill payments and what not. They also offer courier like services for packages that are to be delivered and generally have a variety of options that cater to the needs of all kinds of customers.

Like all other essential services, the post office can sometimes be off its mark and may not provide the desired service or is unable to deliver what it has promised. In such conditions, a complaint is needed to be filed so that the error can be corrected and is avoided in future.


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    The process is a fairly simple one and can be completed within a few minutes. It can be done via phone, a visit to the local post office or through written means.

    By Phone

    It’s quite a simple procedure. You call the complaint numbers available and have the information about the complaint that you have handy. You explain the whole situation to the agent on the phone and provide them with all the necessary information such as the letter or package number, the date of it being sent or received and the details of involved post office. This should suffice to get your complaint launched and to kick off the process.

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    Personal Visit

    You can also have a personal visit to the post office that is concerned in the issue and launch a formal complaint with them. You should have the information that is needed handy with you and explain the whole issue in detail. This will provide you to be in direct contact with staff which can be useful in clarifying confusions. Since the matter will be local in nature, the post office may be able to get the whole process done quickly.

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    By Letter

    You can also write a letter to the concerned department in the post office services. This will obviously take longer than the other procedures as you will have to wait for them to get the letter and then investigate the whole affair. Like all other methods, it is also highly effective.

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    Via Website

    Some postal services also allow you to file complaints via email or through their website. This is another fast way of filing your complaint and will be addressed as per its turn, as is the case in all other methods too.

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