How to File a Renters Claim

Considering the uncertain situation of the present age, insurance has become vital not only for home owners but also for renters who can get compensation of any type of loss from the insurance agency or company. If you are a tenant and want to avoid any sort of loss resulting from theft, electrical fluctuations, vandalism, faulty plumbing or damages from fire then you should get insurance. After getting insurance, you will be able to file a renters’ claim if you experience any loss. If you want to know how to file a renters’ claim then keep reading this post.


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    After getting any type of damage to your rental house, you should immediately contact to your insurance agency and let them know about the details of your loss.

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    If you experienced a theft, then immediately file a complaint to police station. Make sure you take a copy of this police complaint to your insurance agency for filing renters’ claim.

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    After visiting the office of your insurance company, you should ask for a claim form from the attendant at office. Make sure you have specified the specific category of the insurance policy.

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    If you face any confusion in filling the form then take help from your insurance agent. After filling the form, you should add documents or pictures of the damaged things or property. Do not forget to write details of damaged things.

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    Cooperate with the damaged property inspector, also called adjuster, who represents the insurance agency during the inspection of your stolen or damaged things. His report plays central role in getting compensation from the insurance agency for your damaged or stolen things.

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    If you have spent money on the repair of different things of your house then you should keep the receipts with you and attach them after filling the renters’ claim form. It will help you in the reimbursement from of the insurance agency.

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    If you have got all of your property damaged as a result of flood or fire etc and have spent a few days in hotel, then add the bills of the hotel along with your claim form. Your claim of reimbursement will also be considered valid in this situation.

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    Be patient as the claim process takes a few days or it can take a couple of weeks for approval. Once approved, you will get the payment in a few days.

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