How to Control Rodents in your Home

No one likes his/her house being infested with rodents. These small creatures not only cause diseases to thrive in your homes but also can cause some severe damage to household items. Once you detect any rodent in your house, you must eliminate it as soon as you can or you might suffer some serious losses. A female mouse can potentially reproduce 25 to 60 mice in a single year. You have to eliminate the source of attraction for the rodents and the small creatures can be driven away easily.


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    You must know that rodents get access to your house through small holes and openings. You need to seal all holes with the size larger than ΒΌ inch using steel wool mixed along with caulk, metal and concrete. You better not use softer material, like wood or rubber as it can be easily chewed by the rodents.

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    You should also clear up any possible nesting sites for rats, by placing woodpiles at about 100m from your house. Ensure you have removed any old tires, vehicles and any other of debris around your house to avoid any place for rodents to make their nest.

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    You better always keep all food items, including pet and livestock food, in rodent-proof containers. Food waste products should also be kept in enclosed bins in and outside your house. You should further keep these waste bins away from your house, at least 100ft away, and make sure you have elevated the garbage cans at least 1 foot above the ground.

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    Before performing any steps to eliminate the rodents, you need to determine the source of the problem. Any droppings of food stuff, shredded material for nesting, gnawing on food containers and damage to the building structure can easily tell you that rodents have infested your home. Contacting a Cooperative Extension Service may help you know what sorts of rodents are present in your home and you can then take steps towards their elimination.

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    Using rodent traps is an easy way to get rid of these creatures. You can use peanut-butter of fruit as bait and place the traps near the region you spotted the signs of rodents.

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    Using poison bait may become necessary if your rodent traps fail to give you the desired results. Be very careful to keep poisonous bait away from the reach of children.

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