How to Save on Grocery Bills

Over the last few years, economies of most countries have suffered immensely, with many people losing their jobs or facing financial losses in their businesses. In such circumstances, it becomes increasingly important for a family to save every single dollar that they can. No matter what your financial situation is, the one thing you cannot completely eliminate from your monthly expense is your grocery bill. However, by shopping smart and doing some homework, you can surely save a lot of money every month and you will be surprised that it will not even have a drastic effect on your lifestyle.

Things Required:

– Newspaper
– Scissors
– Accordion file
– Magazines
– Pen
– Paper


  • 1

    Newspaper & magazines

    You should buy the Sunday edition of your local newspapers. Use a scissor to remove the discount coupons of your choice before you place them in an accordion file. Sunday editions are likely to carry discount coupons for a variety of grocery products like meats, vegetables, bathroom products etc. In order to get additional coupons, you may browse some magazines as well.

  • 2

    Look for sales

    You need to keep your eyes and ears open for sales in your area. Avail every opportunity to save money. It is highly recommended that you do not confine yourself to a single store because different stores may have sales on different products, so take some time out and search around for the best deals.

  • 3

    Avoid taking kids with you

    If you are looking to limit your grocery bill, it is highly recommended that you do not take your kids with you for shopping. Apart from forcing you to buy unnecessary things, the kids will not allow you to concentrate on shopping.

  • 4

    Shop on days that offer extra savings

    Every major grocery store has specific days or time of a day when they offer additional discounts. Therefore, you should look into such promotions and take benefit of them for maximum savings.

  • 5

    Make a list

    You should make a list of the things that you need. Without a proper list, you are likely to buy many unnecessary items. Before you go for shopping, you should sit down in a quiet room and note down the required things and stick to them during your shopping trip.

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