How to Feel Safe at Home Alone

There are many instances when you are left alone by your family for a weekend or a day. Even if you are in a safe neighborhood, you need to take precautionary measures as anything can happen. You must act responsibly at all times, constantly checking the doors and windows. Also know all the numbers to call in case of any emergency. Leaving the house when you have been given the responsibility to stay put is also not a very good idea.


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    Always keep the doors locked

    Make sure you keep all the doors and windows locked at all times. Never open a door for anyone unless you have confirmed who it is. A good way would be to agree on a unique code word with your parents and family. Whenever somebody outside says the code word, it means it is safe to open the door.

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    Avoid cooking in the kitchen

    Cooking can be dangerous when you are alone. Your clothes can catch fire and there are many other things that can happen so try to avoid cooking food. You can use a microwave for this purpose as it is extremely safe. You can also consume frozen foods in the refrigerator.

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    Turn lights on after dark

    Avoid darkness in the house. You should turn the lights in the room you are sitting to strike off any fear. Turn the television on while you are sitting and watch a good movie or show to pass time.

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    Do not pick the phone if you do not know the number

    Always check the caller ID whenever the phone rings. If you do not know the number, do not pick up the phone. 

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    Keep contact with friends and family

    You must be in constant contact with your family and friends. Try to update them with everything you are doing. This will give you a sense of satisfaction that somebody is with you even when you are alone.

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