How to Get Saved and Stay Saved

Some factions of almost every religion believe that they would be able to find a place in heaven irrespective of their deeds in the world. They have faith in the notion, ‘once saved, always saved’. However, taking into account the evidence collected from the words of God in shape of the Bible and the Quran, this is not correct and we have to perform our duties efficiently throughout our lives to get saved and stay saved from the fire of hell and the anger of our Creator.

Bad deeds can be so strong at times that their effect can diminish our positive conducts of the past.


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    Strengthen your belief

    No matter what religion you belong to, you should always look to strengthen your belief in God and the messengers of God. You should look to pray regularly and improve your connection with your creator. However, you must not follow the clergy blindly and do proper research about your religion. Reason and logic must be given preference over completely blind faith.

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    Be humble

    God hates arrogance and all the religions give message about humbleness and modesty to its followers. Never consider yourself to be superior than others and believe in equality and humanity. You should be more humble while praying and admit that you are a sinful creature. God loves those who repent.

    However, repenting on your sins would be of no use if you continue to commit them in future. Once you repent, try your best not to repeat them.

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    Be kind to others

    You need to remember that God is very forgiving and if He wishes to, He may forgive us for our careless approach towards worship. However, God would not even allow Himself to forgive those who are not kind towards others. If you wish to be saved, you must behave well with others. Apart from being kind to humans, you should also be good towards animals and any other creation of God.

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    Be just

    God loves justice and he loves those who are just to others. Honesty and justice are among the greatest virtues. If you have the power, you must not discriminate between people due to their caste, creed, relation or religion. Merit must prevail when you are in charge of something.

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