How to Find an Architecture Job

Finding an architecture job right after completing the formal education at a college or university is something challenging because the established firms always prefer experienced people. However, it does not mean that new people always fail to get respectable jobs after completing their education but it involves a lot of hard work. There are many skills involved in finding a good architecture job especially when competition is high. If you have completed your education in architecture field and want to find a relevant job then keep reading his post which will guide you in this regard.


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    First of all, you should check local newspapers, magazines and also search online sources to find relevant job opportunities.

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    Do not hesitate in sending your resume in different leading organisations even if they are not hiring people. It will help you in finding a chance whenever they feel a need to hire new people.

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    Make sure you have sent your resume to a large number or organisations and people in Human Resource department. It will help you getting the attention of potential employers and chances are high that you will find a deserving position.

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    If you find any vacancy in an established organisation, make sure you make certain changes in your resume that could fulfil the requirements of the job and then email this resume to the concerned authority.

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    You should also contact to the job placement board or department in your university or college. They have better contacts with the relevant organisations and you stand a good chance to find a job with their help.

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    You should also make contact with the large production home builders who constantly require new people in order to handle many projects at the same time. It will help you in finding a desired architecture job.

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    While searching for job opportunities on internet, you should visit the AIA website which is one of the most famous websites for architecture jobs. You will find different job opportunities placed by different firms on this website.

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    You can also contact to different head-hunters who are usually paid by the companies for their assistance in hiring new people. It can also help you in finding an architecture job.

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    You should also contact to the temporary agencies that offer temporary job. Getting a temporary job will help you in getting experience required to get job in a leading firm.

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