How to Find Books at Thrifty Prices

Finding books at thrifty prices can be a lot of fun for the whole family. There is nothing better for an avid reader than to go hunting for books around town and getting them at thrifty prices. There are many different places where you can find books in your area if you are willing to look around. If you are interested in finding books at thrifty prices than there are a few easy to follow methods that you can use to get what you want at the prices you are looking for.


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    Visit library sales:

    Most libraries sell off their old books once or twice a year for very low prices. Most of the time, these books are sold off for pennies on the dollar. Libraries have to make room for new books and usually put their older collections up for sale. Visit your local library to find out when the next sale will be and make sure you take a lot of bags and boxes to pick up what you want.

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    Visit garage / yard sales:

    Usually on the weekends there are many garage / yard sales throughout the area in which you live. Visit as many garage / yard sales as you can as you are sure to find many books for very thrifty prices.

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    Visit used bookstore:

    If you want books at thrifty prices then visit the nearest used bookstore as they will have an excellent collection of books at very low prices. There are usually more than one used bookstore in most areas and be sure to visit as many as you can to get the books that you want.

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    Go online:

    Go online and you will find many different websites selling books at thrifty prices. You can use your credit card to place your order and have the books sent directly to your home. Be sure to purchase books from a reputable website to ensure the safety of your personal credit card information.

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    Classified ads:

    Check out your local newspaper and search through the classified ads for anyone selling off their book collections at thrifty prices. You can also place your own ad in the classified section of the newspaper stating your interest to buy books.

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    School / University book sales:

    Check with your local schools and universities for the timings of their latest book sales. Usually most schools and universities sell of their older books for relatively thrifty prices. Be sure to find out when the sale is happening and get their early for the best deals.

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