How to Find Someone You Met Once

It is possible that you have developed a bond with someone you met for the first time, and are tempted to meet again but do not have any contact details. The challenge now for you is to search that person again. You can do it online or ask people who might know about that person. Also, think of surroundings in which you have met that person. For example, whether you have met the person in school, at a cafe, or while travelling. It is possible then that you can find that person again. Here are a few ways to find that person.


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    Think of Venue

    If you do not have details, even name of the person, let alone the contact details, you may think of venue you met the person. In case, you had met that person at a seminar or conference, you might be able to get contact details from the organizers, as it is possible that the person had left contact details with them.

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    Think of Obvious Features

    You may also think of obvious features of the person and ask from people who might know that person. Particularly, if you have met that person at a conference or any social gathering, you might be able to find their contact details.

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    Search on Social Networks

    If you know some details of the person, you can try your luck and search online, either Google it or search on the social networks such as Facebook.

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    Post Online

    Post as much details as you know about the person and request for meeting again. Also, leave your contact details with a general message that if anyone knows of the person you are looking for, let you know. It is possible that you get yourself informed by someone who holds some information.

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    Following Routine

    If you hold some information or routine details of the person, you can follow that routine for a few times. For example, if you met the person at a bus stop, it is possible that the person takes a particular route bus on a daily basis to office or any other place. Note down the time and date and the day you met the person, and try to be there at the same time, date and day for a few times. It is possible you find that person in the same routine.

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    Be Patient

    It is possible that you meet the person you are desperate to meet by sheer amount of luck. So while thinking or missing the person badly, be patient and you might be able to meet by chance. After all, there is nothing much you can do.

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