How to Fish for Halibut in California

Fishing for Halibut in California can be quite challenging but also a lot of fun with your family or friends. Halibut is a beautiful fish that can be found off the shore or coast of Southern California during the ending part of Spring which is their spawning time. You will need the right bait, tackle, equipment and some patience if you want to catch some nice Halibut off the California coast. If you are looking to fish for Halibut in California then you can follow some very simple techniques to help.

Things Required:

– Bait
– Lures
– Tackle


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    Use the proper bait:

    Using the proper bait is very important if you want to catch Halibut in California. The best bait to use is some live squid, mackerel or sardines. Remember it is entirely up to you as to the bait that you use to catch Halibut in California. However, usually mackerel or sardines give the best results.

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    Use the proper tackle:

    You will want to use the proper tackle when fishing for Halibut in California. Halibut does not give you that much of a fight once it is hooked so it is best to use 12-15lb line especially if the fish are a little large.

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    Use the proper lures:

    There are different lures that you can use to catch Halibut in California. It is best to use plastics, jerkbaits or a Krocadile spoon as a lure for catching Halibut. Remember to use a lure that suits your style and can get you some decent results.

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    Talk to other fisherman:

    You can always talk to other fisherman to help guide you on the best ways to catch Halibut in California. Many fishermen have a decent amount of experience and they are in a better position to help you find the best spot and recommend the proper equipment to you.

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    Understand proper techniques:

    There are a few different techniques that you can use to fish for Halibut in California. The best method is to maintain your lure or bait on the bottom as Halibut like to sit and wait in the sand. This method will draw them out and make it a lot easier to hook one.

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    Hire a guide:

    If you want to spend some money and have a good time fishing for Halibut in California then you can always hire a guide that has a boat and can take you to the best locations for finding some fish. Renting a boat and hiring a guide can cost quite a bit but you will not have to worry about the having the right equipment or finding the proper location as they do all the work for you.

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