How to Fix Track Lighting Flicker

Most people that have track lighting in their homes understand how irritating and embarrassing flickering can be. The biggest issue is that usually track lighting is fixed high up on the ceiling and climbing up and trying to fix it can be quite cumbersome and dangerous. Track lighting flickering is not that serious and can be fixed with relative ease if you understand how to do it. If you want to fix track lighting flicker then you can follow some simple techniques to get the job done effectively.

Things Required:

– Tools
– Cleaning cloth
– Small brush
– Compressed air dust remover


  • 1

    Turn track lighting off:

    The most important thing to do when trying to fix track lighting flicker is to turn the power off to the unit. Once you have done this then it will be safe for you to check the track lighting safely.

  • 2

    Climb up:

    Use a ladder and carefully climb up to the track lighting fixture that is one the ceiling. Be sure to secure all tools and cleaning supplies safely to the ladder.

  • 3

    Inspect individual fixtures:

    Track lighting is made up of numerous fixtures that you can move and position as you like. Make sure that you carefully inspect the individual fixtures to ensure they are secure and making contact with the inside of the track.

  • 4

    Remove fixtures:

    Carefully remove each fixture and inspect the contact points and bulb holders. Remove the bulbs and use the cleaning cloth to carefully wipe out any dirt or dust that might be present. You can also wipe the contact points of the fixtures carefully with your cloth.

  • 5

    Inspect track:

    Check the inside of the track part after removing and cleaning the fixtures. You can use the compressed air dust remover to clean out any dirt or grime that might be inside. Also, use the small brush to carefully wipe down the inside of the track.

  • 6

    Check wires:

    Now that you have cleaned the fixtures, contact points and the inside of the track, you should carefully examine the wiring which goes through the entire unit. There is usually a small transformer which provides a certain voltage of electricity, make sure the wires are properly attached and that everything is in order.

  • 7

    Put back together:

    Now carefully put all the fixtures back in the position that you prefer. Use your tools if need be to properly secure the fixtures back in to the track. Once done, climb down carefully and flip the switch to turn the unit on. Hopefully the flickering will have stopped and you can enjoy your track lighting.

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