How to Finish Attic Walls and Ceilings

An attic or sky parlor is the space underneath pitched roof of houses. They are different in shape as they cover the space between the ceiling of the first floor and roof. People convert attics into beautiful bedrooms and offices. However, some neglect the attic and leave it as it is. These neglected attics are mostly used as storage room for your house.

Above all, attics can be used to stop transfer of heat or cold in the house. In summers most heat falls on the roof and makes attic hot. This heat is then transfer to other rooms. Similarly in winters, they become extremely cold and transfer cold into the remaining house. However, with proper insulation, attics can control heat or cold transfer, eventually leading in saving of gas and electricity bills.

Things Required:

– Rolled insulation
– Razor blade knife
– Staple gun with staples
– Electrical wire
– Electrical outlets
– Plywood
– Drywall
– Drywall tap
– Mud blade
– Paint
– Paint brushes
– Outlet and switch plate covers
– Caulking
– Baseboards
– Flooring
– Wire fasteners for insulation


  • 1

    Get rid of any existing insulation

    First of all you need to get rid of old insulation from the attic. You can do this with the help from builders vacuum which can be rented from any hardware store.   You need to get an air purifier till the finishing of attic walls and ceilings.

  • 2

    Install insulation

    After removing old insulation from your attic, you need to get new insulation rolls. Install these insulation rolls between the wall studs. You can use fibreglass batts for insulation purposes. Cut the rolls after measuring the length between wall studs and then place the insulation.

  • 3

    Install electrical wirings

    Next you need to place the electrical wires on the ceiling. Remember to place it on the right places and run it towards the electrical outlets.

  • 4

    Install sub-floor panels

    After fixing the electrical wiring on the ceilings, you need to place the sub-floor panels on the attic floor. Remember to cut these panels according to the appropriate sizes and then place over the beam.

  • 5


    Then you need to hang drywall with the help from drywall screws. Later use the drywall tape over the closures. In the end, use the drywall mud and place over the tape.

  • 6


    After hanging drywall, paint the walls. Apply around three coats and choose the colours which you desire.

  • 7


    You need to install flooring after painting the walls.

  • 8


    In the end, simply fix the switchboards, light fixtures and use caulks to cover open spaces.

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