How to Install a Delivery Vault

Delivery Vault are best known for package delivery in terms of security and safety. It is a protective method to adopt even when you are not at home. A ‘Dvault’ is useful to keep the letters, parcels, bills safe and protected dropped inside your home. During construction this option is considered and is mostly pre-installed. If still you don’t have Delivery Vault installed in your house, you can install it with easy learning process. This guide is going to make you aware of simple steps to install a delivery vault.

Things Required:

– Hammer
– Level
– Tape measure
– Saw
– Caulk gun
– Delivery Vault
– Caulk


  • 1

    Understand the instructions

    Pay attention and read the provided instruction along with your delivery vault.  It provides you the direction along with estimated dimensions per unit.

  • 2

    Verify the location

    Take a round of your area and visit nearest courier service provider or a post office and ask some questions regarding best placement and other measurements of the delivery vault. Mostly delivery vault are fixed on garage wall as it is hidden from general public in access of delivery services.

  • 3

    Wall frame

    Now take a look where actually you want to add delivery vault. Calculate unit measurements (height,width) of your wall. Now to make a frame, make holes in sides as per your measurement and placing directions.

  • 4

    Button up the vault with frame

    Now you are very close to complete your target. Pick up the fasteners and fix the vault in the frame, if you feel it important you can also use shims to make it more reliable. Also find if there is a need of fixing broken, lagging or any gap or not?

  • 5

    Now assure yourself that you have done all steps perfectly.

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