Fly Kites in London

Although, Kite flying is more popular in Asian countries, the city of London in the United Kingdom is also not deprived of this fun activity. Visitors as well as residents of the city often take part on kite flying, especially during festivals.

To make kite flying more convenient, London has a meetup group dedicated to Kitesurfers living in or near the city. Flying kites in London is not tough, but for the new fliers it definitely brings some difficulty. However, by following some simple tips, you can make kite flying easier as well as safer for you and others around you.

Famous places for kite flying in London:
– Clapham Common
– Hampstead Heath
– Lowestoft South Beach
– St Andrews, Fife
– Blackheath, London
– East Lothian


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    Assuming you already know how to fly a kite, you will need to be in an open space, which is why the most popular places in London for kite flying are commons and parks. Just make sure that the park you visit does not have any restrictions on kite flying.

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    Make sure you have all the necessary stuff like gloves to prevent damage to your fingers and kite flying thread, along with some tape for minor repairs.

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    It is best that you take friends along so that all of you can enjoy kite flying, but more importantly, most threads come on rolls which need to be held by someone as you fly the kite.

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    There are likely to be other people flying kites around you and you should be careful about running into them or flying your kite too close to theirs.

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    You should be careful not to fly near trees, power and transmission lines or tall buildings. Getting your kite caught up in a power line can be dangerous for you.

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    It is a good idea to take a couple of kites along with you in case one gets torn up or breaks off, which is not all that uncommon.

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