How to Get Comoros Tourist Visit Visa from London

Comoros is an archipelago island nation in the Indian Ocean, on the northern side of the Mozambique Channel, between northeastern Mozambique and northwestern Madagascar.  There are numerous tourism and adventure opportunities in Comoros and British tourists can dive into the clear waters, lay back on the white sand beaches and trek in the picturesque volcanic mountains of Comoros. The historical monuments, tombs and the exploration of wildlife on Comoros should satisfy the taste of any travelers. The rich culture, dance and folklore will make the Comoros adventure an unforgettable memory for tourist coming from the urbanized streets of London. You should go through the step by step how to get Comoros tourist visa from London guide if you intend to visit Comoros.

Visit: Honorary Consulate of the Comoros in London


  • 1

    British Nationals

    British nationals are required to have a minimum of 6 month valid passport along with a visa to visit Comoros. However, visas can be obtained upon entry in Comoros.

  • 2

    Other Nationals

    All other nationals are required to contact the Consulate of Comoros to find the entry requirements in Comoros.

  • 3

    Visa Requirements

    The below documents are required to obtain a visa from the Comoros Consulate.

    a) A minimum of 6-month valid passport

    b) Visa application form completely filled and signed

    c) 2 passport size photographs

    d) Proof of sufficient funds to support your visit

    e) Complete travel itinerary including accommodation proof and return or onward tickets

    f)  Any other document required by the consulate

  • 4

    Applying for visa

    You have to personally visit the Consulate of Comoros in London to apply for a Visa. Before leaving it is recommended that you may call them at the above phone number and have an appointment.

  • 5

    Processing time and fees

    The fees for visa of Comoros from London is GBP 50 and processing time dependents upon your case. If your all documents are clear then it will hardly take 5 days for delivery of visa.

  • 6

    Collection of visa

    Once you have applied for a visa you will be required to pick up your passport after visa processing is done by the Consulate of Comoros.

  • 7

    Final checklist of things to take along

    In addition to essential travel documents mentioned in step 3 make sure you are taking the following items to Comoros. 

    a) Insect and bug repellent

    b) vaccine or medicine against malaria

    c) Bottled water

    d) Guide maps of various places and locations

  • 8

    Things allowed for Tourists

    You would require a separate approval to take pets and animals to Comoros. Do not take drugs, prohibited items or anything considered illegal to Comoros.

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