How to Follow a Mediterranean Diet

Different people like different types of food but the most important thing is that everyone wants to be healthy. However, every type of food is not healthy and you need to have only those things that are nutritious from all aspects. Similarly, Mediterranean diet is quite famous because it helps in decreasing the heart diseases and also people living in different countries around Mediterranean Sea have less number of cancer patients as many other parts of the world. The Mediterranean diet is very healthy and full of nutritious elements. Keep reading to know how to follow a Mediterranean diet.


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    First of all, you need to know the diet of people living in different countries around Mediterranean Sea including Spain, Morocco, Greece and Southern Italy. It will help you to start adding these food items in your meals.

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    You should include using plant foods as a part of your daily meals as it will help you to become adoptable with the Mediterranean diet quickly.

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    You can also add grains in your daily food and you can have these grains from polenta, couscous and bulgur along with cereals, breads and pasta.

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    You should also start using the unprocessed food which is very nutritious and is very beneficial for health especially for heart patients.

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    In order to add flavour to your daily meals, make a frequent use onions, garlic and fresh herbs like oregano, thyme and basil.

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    Beans and nuts are among the most used items of Mediterranean diet and you need to use these items in order to follow the Mediterranean food. You should prepare pasta with beans, green salads, bean soups and hummus because these dishes are very nutritious and healthy.

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    Add yogurt and cheese in your daily food because these items have a considerable amount of nutritious elements which are very beneficial for health.

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    You should also use fish for almost twice a week and also reduce the use of red meat which should be used for three to four times a month.

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    Healthier fats are another important part of Mediterranean diet but make sure you use these fats along with olive oil which is quite beneficial for health.

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    You should start using dried fruit instead of using snacks and also avoid using desserts frequently. However, using desserts for a couple of times in a week are good enough to change your taste.

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