How to Get a Free EDU Email Address

EDU email addresses have plenty of benefits as these allow an individual to avail discounts on numerous offers at several online shop portals. Not to mention, an EDU email address holder can avail reasonable discount on the purchase of software and other study related things. If you place an order for a book using your EDU email address, it is highly likely that you will be offered a discount that no other person avails. In addition, social media services do not require phone number verification for EDU email addresses.


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    Visit your lab in-charge

    You can ask for teacher’s help in obtaining your EDU email address but eventually, you will be told to visit your lab in-charge as he/she is the only person who can provide you with an EDU email address.

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    State your problem

    If you are enrolled in a school, college or university, you must ask your lab in-charge to provide you with an EDU email address of your institute. Remember that EDU email addresses are totally free of cost for the students who are enrolled for any program in any institute. You are not supposed to give any fee to your lab administrator as these services are provided for free to provide better facilitates to the students.

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    Take your college ID

    Note that it is of pivotal importance that you should prove your identity to the lab administrator. It is very unlikely that he/she will not ask about your college identification card until or unless you are really a famous student. When paying a visit to lab administrator, most students are asked to state the purpose of their visit and then they are required to show their identification card.

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    Note username and password

    After your request, the lab administrator will create your EDU email address and provide you with a default username and password. He/She will also tell you after how many hours your account will be activated and you will be directed to change your password after your first log in. It is very important that you keep your password to yourself and you should never share password with someone in any case.

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    Contact other colleges

    If you are not a student of any institute, then you can make a list of few colleges and request them to provide you an EDU email address. Mostly, schools will not provide you with an EDU email but you have a good chance of obtaining it for free.

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