How to Get a Free Pogo Membership

Owned by Electronic Arts, is a wonderful online gaming platform. The entertainment software company has been running this project since late 1990s and it is indeed a huge hit. If you are a gaming freak, there is no better online source for you than Pogo. It offers its members hundreds of games to choose form. You need no money to become a member of this fantastic website.

Just get a free membership and enjoy plenty of real fun. The games on the website are so interesting and adventurous that you can even play them for hours. Pogo offers two kinds of membership; paid and free. A free membership lets you play numerous games. On the other hand, the members who pays registration fee can compete with other gamers. They also have the opportunity to win different tokens and prizes.


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    After ensuring a proper Internet connection, navigate to the Pogo website. You have a couple of signup options. Choose the one that is free.

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    The procedure is not tough at all. You are required to enter some important details, such as name, password, email address, date of birth, country name and gender.

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    There are no special terms and conditions, but it is always better to review them. After thoroughly reading the terms and conditions, push the ‘Accept’ button to complete the procedure. Your account will be created and then, you can play plenty of free games right away.

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    After getting a free membership, you can add spice to your account by attaining free Club Pogo passes. You may find these passes in the different magazines and online freebie websites.

    These free passes are really helpful for reducing annoying advertisement, plus they provide an uninterrupted access to the games. You may even win a prize through these free passes. Usually, they last for only 30 days.

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    It is really easy to use a free Club pogo pass. A pass carries a special code that you need to enter. This will help you take advantage of the various features of the website for free.

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    If you start loving Pogo games, you can get a paid membership. It gives you access to more games, plus you can enjoy advertisement-free pages. One can easily get an idea about the membership fee by visiting the website.

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