How to Get a Head Shot in Gears of War

A wildly popular video game developed by Epic Games, Gears of War was initially released in 2006 as an exclusive title for Microsoft’s XBox 360, and year later, a Microsoft Windows version was developed and released owing to popular demand. A military science fiction third-person shooter game, the purpose of Gears of War is to play as a member of the Delta Squad, as they work to eliminate the enemy (dubbed the Locust Horde), which threatens to take over the fictional planet named Sera, and destroy any remaining human inhabitants.

As the game progresses, the enemy becomes harder to eliminate, and greater precision and skill is required to kill them. A clean head shot, with an appropriate weapon, can serve as a quick and effective way to pick off members of the Locust Horde.


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    To begin, the first thing you will require in order to get a head shot is a weapon that is effective for long-distance shooting. You will need to maintain some distance from your target if you are looking for a head shot, so make sure you collect long-range weapons which fire bullets that travel long distances.

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    A sniper gun is the ideal weapon for a clean and effective head shot. Manoeuvre yourself into a position and location from where you have a good view and a clean shot. Calmly take aim in the direction where your target is positioned – if you are after a moving target, you will need to follow it with your scope and aim ahead to take a skill shot. Since sniper guns are more or less direct, aim right for the head with these, and do not just shoot in the general direction of the target.

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    If you decide to use a shotgun for the purpose, keep in mind that these tend to splatter. Aim it so that the bottom of your aiming box is directly on the head of the target. When you fire off a round, the shotgun will shoot out a spray of bullets, and if you aim towards the top, this spray will hit your opponent right in the head.

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    Another weapon that can be used to take head shots is the pistol – however, this is less effective than the sniper gun or the shotgun. Aim roughly towards the head; try this out a couple of times, to figure out just where you should take aim – anywhere from the chin to just below the nose should work. Once you have taken aim, proceed to fire off at least 6 to 7 consecutive shots, in order to eliminate the enemy.

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