How to Get a Painless Permanent Tattoo

Generally, getting a tattoo applied on your skin can be a painful experience considering the fact that a needle punctures your skin at a high frequency during the process. But there are numerous ways in which you can get a permanent tattoo without having to bear too much pain, positive mindset being the most important. If you walk into a tattoo shop fearing that the experience will be painful, pain is what you will have to bear however, if you keep your mind relaxed and stop thinking too much, things will be much easier for you.


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    Get into a positive mindset. Tell yourself that getting a tattoo is just like getting an annoying massage. Starting at least a week before you plan to get the tattoo, start preparing your mind. Tell yourself that pain is something you can handle fairly easily.

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    Choosing the right skin part is very important. Pain will be considerably less if you get the tattoo applied on your thigh instead of the inner arm. The general rule is, more fleshy the body part, less painful it will be to get a tattoo.

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    Be careful while choosing the tattoo design. Prefer a design which is very simple and does not involve a whole patch of skin being covered. Since a simple tattoo design requires less needlework, the pain will be much less as compared to getting a tattoo with complex designs and lots of shading involved.

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    When you reach the tattoo shop, talk to the artist and let the artist know about your fear. If the artist is a true professional, he will employ all necessary means of making you comfortable. Taking a break can be helpful.

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    While the artist is at work, try to block everything from coming to your mind. Take deep breaths and keep your eyes closed if it works. Keep reminding yourself that the pain will be over sooner than you think and it is something you can handle very easily.

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    After the tattoo has been applied, make sure you treat the tattooed skin very carefully. Keep it away from direct sunlight in summer and avoid banging or bumping freshly tattooed skin.

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