How to Get Approved for Food Stamps

In this time of economic uncertainty, more people are becoming unemployed, which has in turn decreased their buying power when it comes to groceries and other food items. The food stamp initiative is now known as Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) that assists people in purchasing groceries for their house. This not only helps people with no income but also those who are unable to make a proper living, even after earning.

SNAP evaluates a person on a number of points and only then he/she is taken as a registered member. They will consider the number of occupants and disabled persons in the household, your standard of living and the amount of people earning money. If you have cars and other luxuries, you will not get approved for the food stamp program.


  • 1

    Find the food stamp office

    First you should find the food stamp office that is nearest to your location. For this, you must check the government listings and look for the sections ‘human services’ or ‘social services’. After you have found the office, you must make an appointment so that you can pay a visit and present your case.

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    Gather all the supporting documents

    You must gather all those documents which will be required to support your claim. Here, you should include a termination letter or the last drawn salary slip, social security cards of all the household members, any disabilities and the proof of the last rent paid. You might also be required to declare the assets, owned by you or other people in your household.

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    Take the documents to the office

    After you have gathered all the documents, it is important that you should keep them in a separate folder and bring these to the food stamp office.

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    Be honest while answering the questions

    Apart from the documents, an official will take an interview of the person that comes for seeking food stamp assistance. It is strongly suggested that you should be honest during the question answer session and do not lie at any point otherwise your application can be rejected.

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    Provide additional documents

    At times, the food stamp office requires some additional documents to get more clarification about a particular case. Therefore, if you are asked to bring these documents, you must not delay.

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